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iSlide PowerPoint 6.2

Create awesome PowerPoint presentations

With iSlide you can create awesome PowerPoint presentations for FREE! even if you are not a web or graphic designer. The All-in-One PowerPoint Add-in! Built-in 305,000+ PowerPoint Templates! With various parametric adjustments, iSlide Smart Diagram makes data intuitive and easy to understand! Customize slides by combing various Library resources. More ?one click? features simplify the design of PowerPoint presentations & slides. You have read so many tutorials, but still cannot make a great PPT, until you meet iSlide. Boasting the maximum editability, the Smart Chart allows you to change the icons (110,000 + icons available) and data (the graphics of the chart will automatically adjust with the value) at any time. The Smart Diagram keeps the mainstream design style and is accumulating and updating to keep you up-to-date. One-Click Optimization By one click, uniform the irregular fonts, paragraphs, colors, layouts, and styles. Type Setting Makeup Replicate shapes or achieve matrix/circular layout in an efficient and intelligent way. Customize your PowerPoint slides by adjusting a variety of parameter settings. Theme Library It aggregates hundreds of templates, each applies exclusive fonts, colors, effects rules, cover, back cover, and layout. Color Library The well-matched color schemes will brighten your slides. Diagram Library 4500+ well-designed vectoral diagrams automatically adapt to the color scheme and layout rules of current slides. Smart Diagram Create attractive personalized diagrams, adjust data and preview them all in real-time. Picture Library Free high-quality CC0-Licensed pictures. Quick retrieval. Just click to insert. Icon Library 110,000+ icons are free to use. Quick insert & replace. Security Export With iSlide for PC you can export PowerPoint slides as an non-editable file, video or pictures with various parameterizations. PPT Slimming By a click, clear/optimize the redundant information, to reduce the size of the PowerPoint file.

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